Human Battleship

Human Battleship

1. Split up into classrooms and then into small groups. If questions may arise ask any of the leaders.
2. Break out the skittles.
  1. Break off into groups and take a smaller amount of kids
  2. Tell them/show them the numbers/colors and have them repeat you.
  3. Use the skittles to demonstrate the colors and numbers, i.e. try to teach it to them WITHOUT saying the words (one, two, blue, green) in English.
  4. At the moment, the colors we have are: Verde, Rojo, Morado, Anranjado, Azul, Roasdo, Amarillo
  1. Put skittles down in different combinations of numbers and colors, and they have to tell you how many there are, and what colors you are using. (en español, of course)
  2. Now you tell them in Spanish what to find and put down, and they have to find it.
  3. Addition and Subtraction: Example: You put down 3 skittles, un morado, un azul, y un verde, and tell them to take/eat/whatever, un morado. Now you ask them how many they have left and what they are. Other example: You have 3 skittles down and you put 3 rosados with them, how many now and what colors? Or think of your own.
  1. This should all take around a half an hour.
 3.   Re-gather up as whole classes again.
4.    Human Battleship Time
  1. We’re going to use 5 colors: rosado, morado, verde, azul, y rojo
  2. In the room, the board will look like this, with the top being wherever the chalkboard is.
  3. Rosado            Morado              Verde                   Azul                     Rojo
Instructions for Battleship:
 - Have one person draw the battleship board on the board so you can keep track of your hits on the other team. 
- Have two people put tape numbers on the floor
Get the kids organized and set up the “human” board. This takes a lot of organization and control. You’ll have to be on top of everything.Every student gets a spot and either a blue dot or a ship. Each team gets 10 ships. Make whichever students you want ships. Decide who will go first and start calling out “rojo, cinco”, “verde, cuatro,” etc…
 Blue dot people (water)—sit down on their spot  
 Ships—Stand up This way you can see your kids a lot better
As you get hits, the ships sit down. When you have all the ships on the team sitting, then you have won. After we calm them down and such, we’ll give them the color by number.
Have fun. If you’re not having fun, they won’t! Their attitude is a direct reflection of yours. Don’t take yourself too seriously! If you feel kinda dumb and that you might look funny, you’re probably doing it right. If you forget something, or need something, ask your group leader. The group leader should each have a walkie talkie, the tape, and the paper for the battleship game. Group leaders should have LOTS of skittles. You are all AWESOME! This is the coolest idea, but it takes a lot of organization and control of the room. You can do it. If I didn’t think you could, I wouldn’t risk taking you. Let’s have fun and come back with some more stories.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


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