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The LMS Wrecking Balls take the dodgeball crown from the 3 time champs!!
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Team 7 (formerly "The Champs") was looking for their 4th title in a row. They lost in the finals to younger versions of themselves. The Wrecking Balls had to beat the team of high school seniors who they themselves won when they were in 8th grade, and hadn't lost since!
2014 Pictures

Go to the Dodgeball Archives to see pictures, teams, and results
from past dodgeball tournaments!

2007 Champs

Hyatt A

Spring 2014
The LMS Wrecking Balls

Spring 2009

Hyatt A

2008 Champs

Let's Do This!

Fall 2009 Champs

Team Dodgeball

Spring 2010

The Champs

Spring 2014 Runner-Up

Fall 2010

The Champs

Spring 2012

The Champs

Next Year:




"We were terrible...just terrible. I thought we got a good draw, where we were at in the bracket, but man...those middle school kids are good! Next year we'll get 'em."
--Dan Schneider, Captain of The Chiefs

Linden Dodgeball Rules

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The coveted Patches O'Houlihan Memorial Trophy

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2014 Teams

The Gapers
Captain: Mitch DuBois

The Chiefs
Captains: Dan Schneider

Chosen Ones
Captain: Jake Zorn

Sons of Calhoun
Captain: Trevor Hall

Team Grimace
Captain: Mac Harris

The Strudels of Chelsea
Captain: Natalie Minzey

#Chelsea's Strudels
Captain: Keagan Copeland

Captain: Zack Bakos

War Pigeons
Captain: Cole Birchmeier

Floor Bags
Captain: Ryan Montini

Captain: Megan Losey

Captain: Gabby Workman

The Team
Captain: Garrett Beaudry III

Team White Chocolate
Captain: Amelia Simberg

Firey Chili Peppers
Captain: Cooper Walicki

Captain: Caleb White

The Dodgerz
Captain: Brandon Davis

Linden Wrecking Balls
Captain: Travis Klocek

Captain: Ellie Klocek

Cheese Puffs
Captain: Tyler Wolford

Pink Panthers
Captain: Ethan Soff

Mama E'z Dynasty
Captain: Cheryl Elmer

LMS Dodgers:
Captain: Principal Gagne

The Underdogs
Captain: Garrett Strang

Average Joes
Captain: Emily Feetham

The Hawks
Captain: Sebastian Sill

One of a Kinds
Captain: Stephanie Albrecht

Les Gens
Captain: Andrew Bellant

Team Santa
Captain: Christian Thomas

Dodgeball Archives
(Pictures, Brackets, Summaries, Teams, and everything else from years past)

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