Body Parts Lesson

El Plan Para Enseñar A Los Niños

Disclaimer: Times are approximate. We just have to go by the time we get there and what time we must leave.

First 10 Minutes

  • Introducción
  • Dividimos en grupos
  • Introducción personal (entre los grupos)
  • Dividen en los grupos pequeños

Next 25 Minutes    

  • Divide kids up into pairs and have one person trace the other on a sheet of paper. Glue the labels onto the traced body as you teach them what the parts are. Then once it is labeled go over the words again.

Next 25 Minutes

  • Next, get back into the small group and keep teaching words by having them use their own body parts. Do it just like Señor taught us. DON’T say the English word.
  • After they seem to know them play either “Cabeza, hombros, piernas, pies” (we will sing it later as a group), Simón Dice (we will also do play this later as a large group), or anything else you can think of.

Next 30 Minutes

  • Combine smaller groups into one large group.
  • There is a group leader in each classroom. It doesn’t mean anyone is less important. It only means if something goes wrong they have to fix it.
  • It doesn’t mean the leader has to do everything either. However, it means if no one wants to take charge in a group activity then the leader must take charge.
  • On another side note along these lines, the same goes when we are in smaller groups and each group has their own leader.

Last 60 Minutes

  • Combine all the classes and have a huge session of Simón Dice. The classrooms will compete against one another to try to gain bragging rights for being better.
  • You are responsible for watching your own kids.
  • Once we play a couple of times the teachers will play Simón Dice and show the kids what we know.
  • Before we leave around 11:00 we will give them a worksheet to calm them back down.
  • Be enthusiastic and excited (even if you don’t feel like it). If you aren’t the kids won’t be and you will lose their attention.
  • If you feel like your acting cheesy or corny, you are probably doing it right.
  • Take charge of your kids.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!! Don’t be afraid to laugh and have fun with everyone.

I know you are all GREAT at this, if you haven’t done it before, show someone besides me! If you have done it before, do it again!

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